Friday, March 23, 2007


Hello! Thanks for finding me......well, unless you stumbled on me by mistake! If so, I am Jennifer Lanne, artist and amateur connoisseur of all things "farmy".

My blog is to be a collage of artistic ideas from the studio, tarnished with torrid tales and goings-on from the farm including some back breaking barn projects as well as thoughts and life observations I just need a forum for!.........I will try to sprinkle in an occasional photo of a chicken, goat, pig or cat that is just oh-so-cute and irresistible.

Please check back from time to time...........and check out some of my favorite sites (mine is shamelessly listed as well). See you soon!


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diane allison said...

oh! it's just a great AND beautiful blog!! i can't wait to read more about farm life, since i've always wanted to live on one...but it seems that i'm terrified of farm animals! so i shall live through you!! can't wait to see your art too, so that i can keep adding to my collection!! welcome to blog land jennnifer....your biggest FAN, diane allison!