Saturday, March 24, 2007

the studio

The truth......I hate to shatter the myth about work in the's almost like pulling back the curtain to expose the wizard of Oz. For those of you who would like to envision me oh so perfectly coiffed locks, rosy cheeked with farm-fresh skin ......twirling about , my brush like a magic wand sprinkling glistening droplets of paint on a milky white canvas, look away now!
It's not quite that glam.

It's usually me....dressed in yesterdays jeans....(deemed not yet dirty enough for the wash) hair jailed under a hat...not quite good enough for parole. Manicured nails ...why bother? I must say I do have the civilized sense for a smattering of concealer and mascara.

The visuals aren't is work after all.

Currently I am working on a hodge-podge of paintings. watching paint dry with paper-thin patience, I usually have a handful going at once. Right now I'm creating a series of whimsical "leaping" seen in the photo . As always a bright floral is laying in wait for another swish of goopy paint. I find I have a weedy garden of ideas and not enough time!

There is something to be said about the creative process....taking a mere thought and making it visual. How best to convey your thoughts to others.

p.s. My moody studio mascot, Patsy (a.k.a. peanut butter, peppermint patty,dirty gert, patty cake, cleopatsy,sassy cat) is to blame for any and all cat hair found in your painting.
Cherish it and know that she shed it out of love ....just take it as a sign of authenticity.

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Kathrine said...

I think the leaping cow & pig are the paintings my friend just bought from Jen! I will have to tell her about your blog.

Pictures of your paintings on line do not do it justice. They are simply wonderful.