Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In The Dog House

One man's trash is another gal's treasure.
An odd phenomenon has been happening on Jockey street.
People ditching their old doghouses.
Maybe their old faithful companions have outgrown their outdoor abodes...or sadly gained their angel wings.
At any rate out to the roadside the ol' doghouse goes....and into the back of our truck.
Twice we have been so lucky over the past few years.
Two doghouses we now own.
I know...why? wha? an old dog house?
For people with no dog? That's just the epitome of cray cray. 
 ( I know, not really a word, spellcheck just let me know that)
You call it a doghouse...I call it a garden house.
With a little work and paint, we set off to make it what it ain't.
I had been in need of a focal point for our fern garden for years.
The ferns grow so tall anything without enough statue
 quickly becomes engulfed
 lost among green lacey fronds.
A "garden house" was the perfect fit.
So here you have it.
Doghouse turned garden house...or chicken curiosity...
or cat hangout.
By any name an awesome roadside find
 and welcome addition.
Discarded doghouse being loaded to go to it's forever home.
The owner even helped us load it up!

Dick covers the particle board and sets the house on stilts to aerate underneath to discourage the wood from rotting  

Two tree stumps in lieu of a ladder so curious kitties and chicks can peek inside

Soon the ferns will frame and then engulf the garden house

A cast iron urn with balled up string of lights is pretty in the day and night.
A mirror reflects both and adds an interesting optical illusion.
Babycakes checking out the garden house

An Antique purple glass lightning rod makes for frosting on the cake


Sweet Life Farm said...

I just fall in LOVE with everything you do! Perfect palace for your sweet hens!

Amy Chalmers said...

what a charming idea Jennifer. I can totally relate... I am rescuing a rotting shed and turning it into a garden cabana!