Monday, February 21, 2011


I don't know about you , but lately I have been craving nutrition...mainly fresh fruit. Not the fruit that you find at the grocery stores in the dead of winter...but farm fresh, farm stand, high summer fruit...ala James and the Giant Peach fruit. I suppose it is my bodies way of telling me, (well, screaming and reprimanding me really ) "enough of the carbs.....throw me something that doesn't come in a crinkly bag!".
So it's no wonder I have been on a fruit-painting craze. I suppose the phase will pass as all do.
In the meantime here'a a few of my fruit-dream-induced paintings.
I suppose it is better than me painting bags of chips.


Stacy said...

Oh, la, la! Succulent…ripe…gorgeous…lavish!
The hues are ***Exquisite***!
Makes me crave vacation…on an exotic beach.

Donna said...

Very nice!

Melanie Bogle said...

I love them!!! Hi Jennifer, it's Melanie from I'm definitely throwing all the chip bags out!

Your paintings are gorgeous.

Shotgun said...

What lovely, juicy figs! No fresh ones here in Alaska maybe that is why yours were so welcome. These and all of your other images are feeding my heart. Don't put the brush down. It is anointed. Thank you.