Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Treat

I sure do hope that the season has been a really treat for all thus far...
and to try and make it all just a little sweeter...
As abig thank you to my customers

I am offering 20% off any painting off my website
December 9th-14th only!

So find something for a loved one...or better yet, yourself!
Hoping you have a Merry Merry!

Now for the nitty grittys:
Email for availibility.
Please mention 20% in your email.
Not to include custom orders.
Shipping fees still apply.
First come, First serve.
more selections at:
Earth Angels Toys


katydid said...

Hey Jennifer! Just touring around my favorite blogs and found my way here...your writing is as colorful as your painting. So very you and wonderful! Guess I'm still a "groupie" after all this time. Ha. Can't wait for our holiday adventure next week. Merry Merry! xoxoxo

Ronnie said...

Just had a nice little vacation visiting your blog. Thanks!