Saturday, May 24, 2008

hole in my heart

So take a good look at this proud old tree....because the next time you see it I will probably have strapped myself to it in an effort to save it from Hubby's chainsaw.
This poor old tree hasn't much left to it...just a lot of heart. (fyi this is the thickest view....from the side it's nay a sliver) The trunks as hollow as my cookie jar after my sweet tooth acts up.
Poor thing. It looks as if a slight breeze may knock it to the ground for a final count. Or a nesting bird may topple it like a frail old man.
Amazed am I to see it sprout anew every Spring.
Happy am I to say "In your face" to hubby.
So for now the return of blooming buds have twarted hubby's efforts.
Go tree go!


Mom2fur said...

Awww, I say, as long as the tree isn't sick and some kind of hazard--let it live!

Bethe said...

Is that the old Crab Apple tree that was on the corner when I lived on "The Farm"?

auntbum said...

I know ya dont know me but I just had to tell you- my husband wrote a whole poem about a tree and all the life that happened around it- right up till it's demise-it's a tear jerker- made me realize how important some"in-animate" things are to the animation of life!

Rose said...

I'll second that....go tree go!!

mary said...

we have an OLD apple tree that cracked and blew over in a winter storm a few years ago-the trunk cracked and ripped with only about 1/4 of actually still attached. Hubby didn't get around to taking it down right away in the Spring and boy were we surprised to see it bloom and leaf out and get a thousand little apples on it! It has been at least 8 years now and it is still blooming and producing every year-apple trees are amazing! Go tree Go!!