Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the pillow farm

If only you could grow them....
Ok , now I did warn you...I have a pillow problem.
When I suggested that we name our small farm "Pillow Farm" I was shut down by hubbys concerned look....a look like he was going to slip a pretty white jacket with buckles and straps down the back on me.
You know the look.
The latest and greatest is my "FARM" pilow. Snipped and fashioned from an old banner that hung above the ELm Tree Farm. This baby is 5 feet long and oh so naturally tea stained. I'd like to meet the person so thoughtful as to handstitch the lettering on gauzy muslin.
I'm in love.
So, now that I have my muse it's back to the studio for me to paint some more downy, dollops of fabrics and ....pillows!!!


Classic Charm said...

Your pillows are just beautiful! Wow, loving the big farm pillow!

laurie meseroll said...

Jennifer!!! That is just the coolest pillow ever--even better than anything at Anthropologie (I can't believe I said that)!!!

Lisa said...

Wow, great pillows. Love the Farm pillow. Also love your paintings:)

Dana Jones said...

I like that farm pillow A LOT! I made a card once that said, "If you don't have a fun life, at least have fun pillows." It was on a not-so-fun day. You can use that if you want.

down on the ranch in Texas said...

Great Idea Jennifer!!! Kinda' like when you look at things that COULD be a lamp, now I will look at any fabric as it COULD be a great Pillow! FUN!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

That FARM pillow is by far the coolest I've ever seen! I am laughing because I have a serious pillow thing, too. Your redwork ones are very sweet as well. We all need extra fluff in our lives!