Monday, July 1, 2013

some like it hot...

I promise to get back to normal posting soon!
It's been a hectic year...and my camera is just full of images. The poor things are just stuck in there.

in the meantime just a reminder that the next session of The Brimfield Antiques and Decor Mart is almost here.
Yes sir.
July...a hot month ...but cool stuff to see.
I will have new paintings and come check it out!
Good Fortune Awaits 48x48"

Brimfield Antiques Mart
Brimfield, Mass.
New England Motel Field
booth #P4
July 10th-13th
Wed. 6am-5pm
Thurs-Sat. 8am-5pm
Just picked this up at a yard sale...gonna make a cool prop!

Ambitions 24x48"