Tuesday, April 9, 2013

stuffed and fluffed

Hand painted pillows (on plum linen)
     Yet another post of pillows.  I know, I've been down this road before. However, in my defense I have already disclaimed that I have a pillow problem.
So naturally I am adding to my problem by creating more pillows.
Handpainted, hand distressed, hand waxed.  If it can't get up and run away from me, I will paint it.
So please indulge my obsession and collectively oooh and ahhhh as you scroll down. It would make me feel sooo much better!
reds and pinks together *sigh

more hand painted Euros

vintage screen printed pillow

vintage screen printed and taffeta ruffles!

crazy quilt salvaged pieces

hand painted flowers, and hand stitched "Forrest" ...yes, the spelling is correct it was the name of my favorite black kitty. Also, in the background is a Melody Elizabeth purse stuffed with a pillow!

redwork, redwork redwork!

pillow fashioned from a vintage wedding gown...by Melody Elizabeth

small hand painted pillow

hand painted pillow on burlap sack

hand painted burlap sacks waiting to be stuffed
Oh yes, and the new hand painted pillows on linen and burlap by moi will be available this coming May along with the American Farmland Trust landscapes (see previous post)
at the Brimfield Antique Show
Brimfield, Mass
May 15-19th
You can find me in the New England Motel Field
just drop me a line for more details...