Sunday, March 24, 2013

wide open spaces

 I'll admit it.
It takes a lot for me to do if I get up off my rear it is
either something I am really passionate about or something so very that double-dark chocolate brownie I hid from myself
 in the back of the freezer. Did I really think the freezer door made some
sort of impenetrable  force field or that it would give me some sort of chocolate amnesia? 

Well, in this instance what I am passionate about is farmland.
Scenic vistas, bucolic scapes, undeveloped land.
It is so sad for me to see farmland sold off and disappear forever.

I've been wanting to do something with/for the American Farmland Trust
 for some time now. (click on the link to learn about what they do!)
I am currently working in a painting series titled "Open Spaces"
....simple, serene landscapes. With part of the proceeds from
each painting to be donated to the American Farmland Trust.
Each painting is done on chuncky 12x12x4"  ...on wood, distressed
and waxed.
These should be ready for May hopes to debut them at the
Brimfield Antiques show (more on that to follow).

Now, what to do about that brownie...I still haven't forgotten about you my sweet dark one.