Monday, December 2, 2013

the gift of class

I think it's fair to say we all know someone in our lives that could use a little class...(maybe even ourselves).
And sometimes there is just no subtle way to lay it on them.
So why not in a gift?
The gift of class.
The gift of a painting class that is!
Give it or keep it for yourself...

Here goes:

Painting classes to be held at my barn studio here in upstate New York.
If you know where Albany is you're not too far off.
Once a month in the new year starting in January.
I will attempt to get a painting each time out of you, feed you snacks and I even promise to turn up the heat.

 Dates as follows:
Saturday January 11th 11am-?
Saturday February 8th 11am-?
Saturday March 8th 11am-?

Each class approx. 2 hours or until you have had just about enough.

January let's do a pretty floral painting.
February how bout a still life of sorts...maybe a funky chair or something cool.
and March I'm thinking a landscape, as by then we will need to be thinking greener, warmer thoughts!

So getting down to business...
Each class is $105 and includes your canvas, paint and munchies. Just bring your wonderful, classless self.
Triple up and the deal gets sweeter.
$300 gets you all 3 classes!

So book now to hold your cute, farm chair my studio is "cozy" and only room for a handful of the willing or unwilling.
Being as classes are small there's lots of one on one to get your brushes flowing properly!
You can even play 20 questions with me and I promise not to go bonkers.
And not to worry, there will be not knuckle rapping with rulers...this class is for anyone with or without any prior experience.
Loosey Goosey.

So give it, keep it whatever your heart desires.
One thing you'll be able to say is that you have class!

contact me to lock in your seat:

*in the event of a snow date we will try for Sundays following the dates...or an agreed upon snow date*

Classes must be pre-paid to hold your seat
and are non-refundable.
visa,m/c,amex or paypal.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

texas y'all

"It's Texas girl, bleach it blonde and make it big!"

I don't know about that. I abandoned boxed perms and aquanet years ago...but I do appreciate that Texas likes anything grand!
So off to Round top I go.

Myself and two sisters are headed to the lonestar state.
The three of us make up the trio
A kinship of art of fashion.
I busy myself with the painting end of things while sisters Melody Elizabeth and Marie Pendley create marvelous jewelry and accessories.
I mean stunningly marvelous stuff, stuff that you will steal from your best friend and never return.
Stuff that will dazzle strangers into asking "where did you get that??!"

Catch us at:
The Arbor Antiques Field
Tent B
Sept. 25-Oct 5th.
Round Top, Texas
and get it while it's hot.

jennifer lanne

jennifer lanne

Melody, Me and Marie

Lipstick Queen 36x48

*b*ringing in the sheaves

The other day I had the tune of  "*B*ringing in the Sheaves" stuck in my head. Where did this little ditty come from I thought to myself? And what are sheaves and why in the world would I want to ring them in?
Had a good giggle when I finally realized where it came from. Going way back into the memory banks folks...
If you grew up in the 80's and were a big fan of good old wholesome, godfearing t.v. you may remember.
And to the googling cheaters out there you will find more than one entry (I know this as I am a googling cheater myself).
Spoiler alert:
Little House on the Prairie...
Yup, big fan.
Grew up on it..
(It wasn't until years later when Dr. Quinn came along that my Saturday nights felt fulfilled.)
So I fell into the googling abyss of finding out it may be "bringing" not "ringing" and other useless facts.
Also to learn that it was this spiritual time of harvest and greens and joyfulness.
I can get on board with that.

So in honor of sheaves I dedicated photos in this post of all things green and lovely.
Painted or grown

my hodge podge studio doors

nothing like looking down the length of a fence

love this cabbage rose...from a vintage pillow

looking out the barn loft door

the chicken gallery

the fern garden

this is in a friend's barn...oh that green chippy door!

Too late in the season for these babies to ripen esp. with frost looks like fried green tomatoes tonight!

Monday, July 1, 2013

some like it hot...

I promise to get back to normal posting soon!
It's been a hectic year...and my camera is just full of images. The poor things are just stuck in there.

in the meantime just a reminder that the next session of The Brimfield Antiques and Decor Mart is almost here.
Yes sir.
July...a hot month ...but cool stuff to see.
I will have new paintings and come check it out!
Good Fortune Awaits 48x48"

Brimfield Antiques Mart
Brimfield, Mass.
New England Motel Field
booth #P4
July 10th-13th
Wed. 6am-5pm
Thurs-Sat. 8am-5pm
Just picked this up at a yard sale...gonna make a cool prop!

Ambitions 24x48"

Monday, May 6, 2013

Here comes Brimfield!

Just a week until ...
Brimfield Antique Mart!
Don't be deceived, it's so much more than that...there's fabulous flea finds, funky, hip decor, vintage and artisan designs......oh! as far as the eyes can see.
I've always been a shopper, but this is my first time as a vendor along with my partners in crime Melody Elizabeth and Marie Pendley.

This show is for the early birds...hubby and I used to drag ourselves, sleepy eyed and not so bushy tailed to Brimfield in the wee morning hours...
watching the sun rise on our drive...only, to our dismay, to feel like we were last to the party at 7 a.m.!

Please stop by and say hi to us girls and see the wares we are trucking in.
Paintings, jewelry, textile accessories and more!
The New England Motel Field
Wed. May15 6am-5pm
Thurs-Sat May 16-18th 8:30am-5pm

p.s. I have the American Farmland Trust paintings boxed and ready to go!
Partial proceeds to be donated to this worthy cause.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

stuffed and fluffed

Hand painted pillows (on plum linen)
     Yet another post of pillows.  I know, I've been down this road before. However, in my defense I have already disclaimed that I have a pillow problem.
So naturally I am adding to my problem by creating more pillows.
Handpainted, hand distressed, hand waxed.  If it can't get up and run away from me, I will paint it.
So please indulge my obsession and collectively oooh and ahhhh as you scroll down. It would make me feel sooo much better!
reds and pinks together *sigh

more hand painted Euros

vintage screen printed pillow

vintage screen printed and taffeta ruffles!

crazy quilt salvaged pieces

hand painted flowers, and hand stitched "Forrest" ...yes, the spelling is correct it was the name of my favorite black kitty. Also, in the background is a Melody Elizabeth purse stuffed with a pillow!

redwork, redwork redwork!

pillow fashioned from a vintage wedding Melody Elizabeth

small hand painted pillow

hand painted pillow on burlap sack

hand painted burlap sacks waiting to be stuffed
Oh yes, and the new hand painted pillows on linen and burlap by moi will be available this coming May along with the American Farmland Trust landscapes (see previous post)
at the Brimfield Antique Show
Brimfield, Mass
May 15-19th
You can find me in the New England Motel Field
just drop me a line for more details...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

wide open spaces

 I'll admit it.
It takes a lot for me to do if I get up off my rear it is
either something I am really passionate about or something so very that double-dark chocolate brownie I hid from myself
 in the back of the freezer. Did I really think the freezer door made some
sort of impenetrable  force field or that it would give me some sort of chocolate amnesia? 

Well, in this instance what I am passionate about is farmland.
Scenic vistas, bucolic scapes, undeveloped land.
It is so sad for me to see farmland sold off and disappear forever.

I've been wanting to do something with/for the American Farmland Trust
 for some time now. (click on the link to learn about what they do!)
I am currently working in a painting series titled "Open Spaces"
....simple, serene landscapes. With part of the proceeds from
each painting to be donated to the American Farmland Trust.
Each painting is done on chuncky 12x12x4"  ...on wood, distressed
and waxed.
These should be ready for May hopes to debut them at the
Brimfield Antiques show (more on that to follow).

Now, what to do about that brownie...I still haven't forgotten about you my sweet dark one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

they got me

I kinda, sorta feel duped.
I think we can all collectively agree on is the over commercialization of Holidays.               Christmas merchandise making way too early appearances  stores by October and so on.
I know this is a marketing ploy to make me spend money.
 I know this.

So I just fell for the oldest trick in the book. I totally feel out smarted by the marketing gurus of today.
No, I didn't fall for the quarter-glued-to-the-floor trick.
( I didn't see any )
I just bought a Valentine's day card.
Why? Because there is was as soon as I stepped foot in my local drugstore.
That's all it took.
 There is was...a cheap trick...all pink and red with 2 cute squirrels on the front.
I was bested, I was sucked in.
A whole rack of sweetsie-pie cards.
All gushing with sicky sweet sentiments.

Ok, I tell myself maybe this isn't as dire as it sounds...Maybe I'm not that much of a sucker.
Valentine's day IS less than a month away...and HEY, I do have to give myself kudos for having enough will power to NOT buy that Cadbury egg.
(it looked really good...shiny foil package and all)

So since maybe it is a dose of color and sweetsie that's what we all really need in this bleak January landscape.
So here it is...