Thursday, December 6, 2012

dressin' the old gal

 It's the time of year to make things shinier...time to throw a little glitter in the air and see where it lands.
Time for sparkly wares, barn glam and farmhouse thrills and frills.

They say you can put a dress on a pig, but it's still a pig.
I sure hope so and I hope that holds true for barns as well!

Here's some snipets of some of the old house and barn holiday decor...

fabulous vintage santa I snatched up at a yard sale for a song..worth every penny!

festive toy truck from Skippy Doodle designs...wish I could shrink down and drive that baby!

lemonade from lemons...a naughty kitty broke my dish, all is not nestles nicely in moss

LOVE vintage pink glass ornaments

balsam pillow

sonia roses with some holiday trim

best time of year to find clementine oranges!

a collection of silver blanket pins looks festive!

who doesn't love pitchforks?

a sparkle collar fit for a bull

can't forget about my peeps!

so lucky to have found this old horse feed bucket

a good use for old denim

top hat tree topper

such a well loved toy

I need to get this stocking filled!