Friday, November 23, 2012

Merry Artists show at Schuyler Pond!!!

Please join us for Holiday Cheer and the most fanciful decor!
I'll be there along with Earth Angels Studios!
And most Special Guest:
Ben Ashby of Folk Magazine!
Saturday Dec. 1st & Sunday Dec 2nd
at the stunning
Schuyler Pond!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

acoustic sofa

 Ever hear an acoustic version of your favorite song?

Yeah, something so magical about a stripped down version.
Like hearing it again for the first time...raw, basic without all the fanfare, bells and it's original intent, it's natural state.

So in one of my barn dalliances the other day I decided to do just that to a sofa.
This sofa was actually given to me a few years ago.
It was nothing special...80's decorator's fabric I just could never quite get on board with.
So up into the barn loft it went to collect dust and barn swallow droppings.
Poor thing was so close so many times to being roadside rubbish.
So on a curious lark one dull day I tugged at a corner of fabric.
Lovely stained muslin and burlap!
OK, maybe this doesn't have the makings of a fainting couch on which someone would feed me grapes on...(in my mind's eye that one is more of a red plush velvet)
After some quick ripping and tearing the job was done.
Deconstructed loveliness.
The bareness of it all...the tuffs of cotton batting, the outline of well worn springs, frayed, wonderful rawness.
Sweet music to my ears.

it's new home as a studio prop

In it's new space...yes, the FARM pillow again!

before the deconstruction