Tuesday, October 2, 2012

greetings from the black forest

 I myself have never been to the real Black Forest...my only connection is through books such as Grimm fairy tales and Aesop's fables....
And now I stay connected through paintbrush.
Pins and Needles 36x48"
The tales do depict a much darker side to children's tales...each with greater life lessons to be learned for naughty,sassy children.
Somehow amidst all the scare tactics used, I still found the colorful stories and images exciting and mesmerising.
Sweet like taboo.
Makes me want to don a red cape
and traipse about the fallen pine needles.

So here's a new bespoke collection dubbed "Black Forest " series...
darker, larger ...some sanded for that "worn" look...and given a buffed-waxed finish.

Blue Velvet Season 30x54

Dear to My Heart 36x48

Stag Party 36x36

Wild Rose Waterfall