Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More is More

Stephanie Llyod's  antiques in Hudson, New York..with a truly grand ol' flag!

I love color, but I seem to wear a lot of black.
I love little spaces, but love oversized furniture.
 I am yes and I am no.
I'm a walking talking contradiction and I am a gemini.
Yes, all true...I do love my petite bright, happy paintings, brimming florals in lush arrays...but will never, ever say "no" to doing a larger-than-life painting  as dark and dingy as you please.
So when Stephanie Lloyd asked me for some stately,sizable pieces for her antiques booth in Hudson, New York I couldn't stretch canvas quick enough!The largest being 66x66".
(Think as this the healthy way to "supersize me" Morgan Spurlock)
This is my exclusive bespoken series dubbed  
" The Country Life".
Maybe it's the notion that I could actually fit in some of these dwarfed by their scale.  Maybe being a short person it's a Napoleonic complex or a Kristin Chenoweth kinda thing.
I don't know...but yeah, Morgan...I'm lovin' it!

"All Roads Lead To Wool" 30x48"
"Gazing on Greener Pastures" 30x48"
"Comforts of Home" 36x36"

"Hayfever" 66x66"
Jennifer Lanne

For more information: The Hudson Supermarket- Hudson ,New York

Friday, January 20, 2012

lost and found

When hubby and I bought our home the previous owners told us they left an old ledger that had been found under the kitchen floor in a cupboard for us.
We searched high and low. No such ledger.

But this makes sense as when we purchased our home it had no locks on the doors. Yes, no locks for 225 years. And worse yet, the house had been vacant for 2 years previous to us. Sad were we.
And tell tale of the times...we put locks on the doors.

With no lead on the ledger...I had filed this under things I would just never know, like math or how electricity works.

So , surprised I was when one day there was a knock at the door...and a kind soul (with a conscience) returned the questions asked.

So here it a poor fragile state..but to me a work of art.
Dating back to 1817 and used as a shoe cobbler's accounts book.
Full of handwritten calligraphy, notations on family names and items in trade for shoe mending and repair. Even a charge for a pair of velvet shoes!

Gotta love the trade for work for a barrel of cider, a rooster, side of beef, barley.

My favorite entry:
Whatever bralls disturbs the streets
Their should be peace at home
Where sisters dwell and brothers meet
Quarrels should never come
Little birds in their nests agree
and 'tis a shameful sight
when children of one family
fall out , and chide, and fight.

(taken from an old hymn by Isaac Watts)

Monday, January 2, 2012

romance lives!

How do I know that praytell? No, not by the pink and red rows of cards and candy now in my local drugstore. Bossy Valentine trappings pushing their way into our lives. Promptly replacing the reduced, picked over Christmas goodies. ...poor, poor glitter still clinging to life on the floor.
Sad I am not! No tears will be shed.
As you can see....The Spring Issue 2012 of ROMANTIC COUNTRY is here!

Gone may be the days of fellas dipping quills into inkwells, laboring over every swooning sentiment to his sweetheart in hand written word.
Trouncing about fields collecting wildflowers, each blossom selected for it's secret meaning.
I do hope the modern men appreciate how easily consummerism has made their lives.
But alas, Romance lives on glossy pages!
Look for my feature (pages 18-19) among the pages of jaw dropping inspiration!

 Below, I added some sweetly images caught in the late afternoon light...from around my home....a few from Christmas trims I was just too sappy over to pack away.

Happy 2012 to all! 
Jennifer Lanne