Saturday, April 23, 2011


Yes, yes it is true.

I have been rather bird-brained as of late.

Maybe something to do with all the early morning roosters crowing or all the early rising songbirds outside my window.

All that chatter has me brainwashed or some deal.

Not a problem, as I rather like birds.

So natural I would be drawn to Spencerian birds.

I mean, what's not to like?

Swirly, flourishing, scripty birds is the most decadent penmanship I only wish I had.

I do have a nice chicken scratch signature, thou I doubt that counts as skillful.

Traditionally this Spencerian penmanship should be done in the utmost proper manner, calligraphy pen and ink ....with no caffeine enhancement so one can hold steady.

I have just too many ants in my pants to do it just.

My interpretations are much more loosely based.

My favs are on wood and distressed, and fitted with vintage frames.

I will save the calligraphy for my next life , when I plan on being a patient and graceful.