Monday, December 2, 2013

the gift of class

I think it's fair to say we all know someone in our lives that could use a little class...(maybe even ourselves).
And sometimes there is just no subtle way to lay it on them.
So why not in a gift?
The gift of class.
The gift of a painting class that is!
Give it or keep it for yourself...

Here goes:

Painting classes to be held at my barn studio here in upstate New York.
If you know where Albany is you're not too far off.
Once a month in the new year starting in January.
I will attempt to get a painting each time out of you, feed you snacks and I even promise to turn up the heat.

 Dates as follows:
Saturday January 11th 11am-?
Saturday February 8th 11am-?
Saturday March 8th 11am-?

Each class approx. 2 hours or until you have had just about enough.

January let's do a pretty floral painting.
February how bout a still life of sorts...maybe a funky chair or something cool.
and March I'm thinking a landscape, as by then we will need to be thinking greener, warmer thoughts!

So getting down to business...
Each class is $105 and includes your canvas, paint and munchies. Just bring your wonderful, classless self.
Triple up and the deal gets sweeter.
$300 gets you all 3 classes!

So book now to hold your cute, farm chair my studio is "cozy" and only room for a handful of the willing or unwilling.
Being as classes are small there's lots of one on one to get your brushes flowing properly!
You can even play 20 questions with me and I promise not to go bonkers.
And not to worry, there will be not knuckle rapping with rulers...this class is for anyone with or without any prior experience.
Loosey Goosey.

So give it, keep it whatever your heart desires.
One thing you'll be able to say is that you have class!

contact me to lock in your seat:

*in the event of a snow date we will try for Sundays following the dates...or an agreed upon snow date*

Classes must be pre-paid to hold your seat
and are non-refundable.
visa,m/c,amex or paypal.

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Sweet Life Farm said...

Just the kind of class I want! Oh, dear how I would love to join you!!! If I only lived a few states closer... One of these days I will attend :)