Tuesday, September 17, 2013

texas y'all

"It's Texas girl, bleach it blonde and make it big!"

I don't know about that. I abandoned boxed perms and aquanet years ago...but I do appreciate that Texas likes anything grand!
So off to Round top I go.

Myself and two sisters are headed to the lonestar state.
The three of us make up the trio
A kinship of art of fashion.
I busy myself with the painting end of things while sisters Melody Elizabeth and Marie Pendley create marvelous jewelry and accessories.
I mean stunningly marvelous stuff, stuff that you will steal from your best friend and never return.
Stuff that will dazzle strangers into asking "where did you get that??!"

Catch us at:
The Arbor Antiques Field
Tent B
Sept. 25-Oct 5th.
Round Top, Texas
and get it while it's hot.

jennifer lanne

jennifer lanne

Melody, Me and Marie

Lipstick Queen 36x48

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Sweet Life Farm said...

BEAUTY at its best! I'll be so sorry to miss this!!! Enjoy for the both of us!