Tuesday, September 17, 2013

*b*ringing in the sheaves

The other day I had the tune of  "*B*ringing in the Sheaves" stuck in my head. Where did this little ditty come from I thought to myself? And what are sheaves and why in the world would I want to ring them in?
Had a good giggle when I finally realized where it came from. Going way back into the memory banks folks...
If you grew up in the 80's and were a big fan of good old wholesome, godfearing t.v. you may remember.
And to the googling cheaters out there you will find more than one entry (I know this as I am a googling cheater myself).
Spoiler alert:
Little House on the Prairie...
Yup, big fan.
Grew up on it..
(It wasn't until years later when Dr. Quinn came along that my Saturday nights felt fulfilled.)
So I fell into the googling abyss of finding out it may be "bringing" not "ringing" and other useless facts.
Also to learn that it was this spiritual time of harvest and greens and joyfulness.
I can get on board with that.

So in honor of sheaves I dedicated photos in this post of all things green and lovely.
Painted or grown

my hodge podge studio doors

nothing like looking down the length of a fence

love this cabbage rose...from a vintage pillow

looking out the barn loft door

the chicken gallery

the fern garden

this is in a friend's barn...oh that green chippy door!

Too late in the season for these babies to ripen esp. with frost warnings....so looks like fried green tomatoes tonight!


Bev said...

"We shall come rejoicing...bringing in the sheaves". One of my favorite gospel songs. Love your beautiful photos!

Cheery wave from

Stephanie Lloyd said...

Like commenter, Bev, I love this song.
This a a really nice post, love the photos.