Tuesday, January 22, 2013

they got me

I kinda, sorta feel duped.
I think we can all collectively agree on is the over commercialization of Holidays.               Christmas merchandise making way too early appearances  stores by October and so on.
I know this is a marketing ploy to make me spend money.
 I know this.

So I just fell for the oldest trick in the book. I totally feel out smarted by the marketing gurus of today.
No, I didn't fall for the quarter-glued-to-the-floor trick.
( I didn't see any )
I just bought a Valentine's day card.
Why? Because there is was as soon as I stepped foot in my local drugstore.
That's all it took.
 There is was...a cheap trick...all pink and red with 2 cute squirrels on the front.
I was bested, I was sucked in.
A whole rack of sweetsie-pie cards.
All gushing with sicky sweet sentiments.

Ok, I tell myself maybe this isn't as dire as it sounds...Maybe I'm not that much of a sucker.
Valentine's day IS less than a month away...and HEY, I do have to give myself kudos for having enough will power to NOT buy that Cadbury egg.
(it looked really good...shiny foil package and all)

So since maybe it is a dose of color and sweetsie that's what we all really need in this bleak January landscape.
So here it is...


Bev said...

Your work is so amazing! I love it!
I'm always inspired!

Cheery wave from

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

That big lavender one stills my heart . . . your work is beautiful :O) Blessings, Sandy

Art From The heart said...

I love them all,so pretty especially this time of year.Gives me hope warmer days are coming.

Sweet Life Farm said...

Especially loving “The Loving Season” ~ wow! Beautiful enough to lift the January blues. I bet that Valentine is too cute to resist!