Saturday, September 22, 2012

in the buff

Party Crashers 30x48
Ok, yes that blog title is slightly misleading...but catchy and curiosity peaking nonetheless.
I'd love to string you along with more obscure notions of debauchery.
But I will save you the played-out 50 shades references and just let the cat out of the bag... "in the buff" is in reference to my new painting finishes.
It is a stretch...but it's a new technique of waxing and "buffing" canvas.

I just love toying with new ideas and looks for painitngs .
I've always distressed and then waxed my wood paintings...but one crazy madcap day I thought "hmmmmm, lemme try that on canvas".
It's tricky business. There is a fine line between sanding/distressing the canvas and putting a big hole right smack dab in the center of a painting.
Learning to say "when" to the sandpaper is key.
I then heat apply the wax finish to seal in the paint....buffing as I go.
I just love the luster it gives the canvas...
much like a soothing matte finish.

Here's a few examples...I sure wish the pictures told the story of the waxed canvas better.

Between the Birds and Bees 48x48

Queen for a Day 12x12

Revelry 24x36

Rooted In Honey 36x36

Off to the Races 16x20


Bev said...

Just gorgeous and amazing! Love everything you do! My daughter has one of your paintings...wish I could afford one. I can admire them though and your talent!

Cheery wave from

Art From The heart said...

Love your art !

Sweet Life Farm said...

Your creativity is endless, wish I had 1/10th of it! A friend visited me last weekend and she just loved every one of your paintings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

I wanna be at that PARTY, can I rent a room in that house? I love, love, love them all. but you know me I'm a bit partial to your barnyard babies.