Wednesday, June 6, 2012

living in layers

Cunundrum:  Too much stuff, too little space.
Solution: Layer it all!

When people tell me they don't have the room for something they might as well be speaking in tongues ....I just don't understand.

My life is about layering. I just must have stuff.  And try as I may I can't seem to get rid of things.
I grow attachments very quickly....even to the most useless , trite objects.
Not because I necessarily like them.
But because they hold a memory.
Maybe it was a nice day with a friend when  I purchased that sad, sorry, chipped plate.
Or the color of a painted farm chair so outrageous I needed it for my collection.
There is nothing more decadent to me than a piece of furniture umpteen layers of paint ...each memorable layer peeking through.
oh pitter patter.

So I am trying to coin a phrase for this affliction..."Organized Clutter"..."Disheveled Arranged"....."Structured Chaos" .

Whatever term applies it's all about the layers...pile it on, and pile it up!


artistamyjo said...

I call it organized madness and dust it all just like my Grandma did. She would lift a few things here and there and blow hard.She said it was good exercise for the lungs!!

jennifer lanne said...

Oh I love that!

Sweet Life Farm said...

And boy do you ever layer lovely!

I, too, grow so attached. Thanks for reminding me how much character it creates, as I was thinking of de-cluttering… Who would’ve known I used to be a minimalist! Think of it as adding depth...

Oh, love the "exercise for the lungs" comment!

Penny Patten-Bryant said...

I love stuff! The more stuff the better, and your stuff is very pretty!

Penny Patten-Bryant said...

I love stuff, lots of stuff and yours is very pretty! said...

Love this post...well I actually love all of your posts:) I do lots of layering too. That is how I decorate and wouldn't have it any other say:)Your layering is beautiful and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your art!!!!!! Are you and the Earth Angels ever coming to CT?
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

jennifer lanne said...

Hey there Debra!
I know Jen / Earth Angels is in the midst of planning shows for new year!
If you have a venue idea just give her a jingle!
thanks so much for your comment!
my best