Tuesday, June 12, 2012

fruition...wait for it

 All good things come to those who wait....? 
Patience is a virtue?    Is that how it is?

Both sayings worthy of pillow embroidery, but they are just something we tell ourselves to make the "wait" bearable.  We repeat it like a mantra to calm the ants in our pants.

I am admittedly the least patient person on earth.
I can hardly sit still long enough to type this post.

So in my blissful ignorance I planted a wisteria vine.
 Assuming flowers would be draping my arbor like frothy, violet jewels-lickity split.
I probably , no  literally thought I would wake the next morning to this wonderment.

7 years passed.  I had accepted the fate of just lush vines. Assuming the status "always a bridesmaid, never a bride".

So, I was knocked over by a feather the other day when I caught a glimpse of sweet purple!
I should end this with  some inpiration like -never give up hope,
or some other cliche phrase, followed by a rainbow ....but instead I am adding some other garden photos...flowers that really make us wait for it.

Fruition 30x30


Sweet Life Farm said...

So sweet; made especially so when we are forced to wait for it! I was so overcome with the sheer loveliness of your farm and flowers that I nearly forgot the theme of this post...fruition…patience!? The deer have devoured my roses and other such pretties, I drive past yards and yearn for the roses I spy spilling over with blooms… I can dream…or move in with you! Love Mr. Roos photo too.

Anonymous said...

"BEAUTIFUL"......the magic after the rain.

Wait until you see the show on the vines
next year, it'll keep getting better. Well
worth that 7 year itch.

Isabel said...

Gorgeous flowers you have growing!!!! Love the new painting and the colors:O)

artistamyjo said...

The flowers are beautiful,especially the one you painted.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Hi Jennifer, Yesterday I was talking to several friends about your beautiful paintings and I showed them the wonderful painting Stephie gave me for Christmas. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello to you. Your wisteria is lovely and will be more amazing as each year goes by. I look forward to your next trip to California. Have a wonderful weekend!

Pat said...

Jennifer, I am visiting your blog for the first time. I think I love how you've surrounded yourself with such gorgeousness. I have talks with myself about how much 'stuff' one can live with and how I love moving all my 'stuff' around to suit my mood. I'm not an artist, as you are, but seems we do share a love of old things. I appreciate your art work too, so I'll visit often. Thanks for sharing! pat

Stephanie Lloyd said...

I always thought wisteria took 15 years to flower. You got yours in
7. It must be the ants in your pants!
Might try it myself...

Your blog is fab, as always.