Friday, February 24, 2012

nooks and crannies

my nook

I am always curious about where people sit when at their "window to the world". We all have a nook or cranny carved out for whiling away (sometimes needless) hours  blogging, surfing, pinning or pining or for the productive... working.
I wear almost all those hats one time of another.

I find it interesting the things we surround ourselves with...pretty little notions, and there a pile of important paperwork, carelessly strewn. More or less organized chaos.
If I were to add up all the hours in a day or week sitting at this desk balanced against my productivity I would probably fall off my chair.
It's not just the frivolous behavior allotted in this time.
This is where I learn things, find out about the most important news in the world, the rare good and the devastation.
It's where I meet people.
It's where I talk to strangers and friends.
And where I find the best bargains.
So, Jo Packham if you are listening how bout another WWC..."Where Women Compute"...
I'd love to see other people's niche's

tray of favorite steers

view from my power seat

inspiration books and part of old  brass, horse bridle found in the barn

my wall of beloveds

Gazing guy with piercing favorite Cheryl Kuhn piece

wall cabinet with items I don't care to dust

amazing tramp art piece made by my friend Beth's talented husband Paul Cunningham

Me and Elvis...still makes me laugh

My burgeoning Melody Elizabeth purse collection

a lovely reminder

My Tennyson "go to" book for sentiments and poetic words in times of need ...with a Marie Pendley "Derby Bloom" perched on top.


Isabel said...

Love your special space:O) love the wall of art Thanks for sharing:O)

Sweet Life Farm said...

Ah, beautifully written and a fun peek into your nook! No surprise your “window to the world” is so lovely~! Enjoyed seeing where you correspond from. I’ll share mine with you one day… Got to go look into those fabulous Melody Elizabeth handbags…jealous I am. Love Tennyson too!

Stephanie Lloyd said...

My favorite thing: your walls of
beloveds. So many, so loved, gone
but not forgotten.


Blessed Serendipity said...

Love your blog. I am one of your newest followers. I would love it if you would stop by and visit me sometime.


Laurie Blaswich said...

Hi Jennifer,

My heart be still, your special space... the shutters are speaking to me, along with your great photography!

So nice to meet you, thx for stopping by to enter our giveaway at The Old Painted Cottage.

I love the idea of using a nail gun! My husbands birthday is April 14th . . . guess what?