Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So like a bad penny turning up, here I am again.
The newest issue of FOLK magazine is out and I play a small part!

Thanks to Ben Ashby and all the players behind the scenes that pull this wonderful new magazine together...and at the same time making the rest of us look good!
Many , many thanks!

And much to you all's chagrin I will not be cropping up on any glossy pages (at least not next month). But my better half will be!
Watch for next month's Folk for hubby is trying to upstage me!
I am as excited as he is!

Oh and don't forget to give the kitties extra lovin'  (Is that possible?) February is Cat Appreciation Month!


Sweet Life Farm said...

A PRETTY penny ~ just got my copy yesterday! Yippee! And way to go hubby! I was just talking about his amazing forge…wish mine was so fancy. Out to do farm chores and will let the barn cats know it’s their month!

Isabel said...

Congrats:O) and to your hubby too:O) Yay for cats month:O):O)

Sue Parker said...

Congrats to you again Jennifer! I LOVE to see you and read more about you, Dick, your home and animals in any and ALL magazine pages. You deserve the best! Your wonderful talent, natural beauty and genuine kindness never cease to amaze me! KUDOS! xo