Monday, January 2, 2012

romance lives!

How do I know that praytell? No, not by the pink and red rows of cards and candy now in my local drugstore. Bossy Valentine trappings pushing their way into our lives. Promptly replacing the reduced, picked over Christmas goodies. ...poor, poor glitter still clinging to life on the floor.
Sad I am not! No tears will be shed.
As you can see....The Spring Issue 2012 of ROMANTIC COUNTRY is here!

Gone may be the days of fellas dipping quills into inkwells, laboring over every swooning sentiment to his sweetheart in hand written word.
Trouncing about fields collecting wildflowers, each blossom selected for it's secret meaning.
I do hope the modern men appreciate how easily consummerism has made their lives.
But alas, Romance lives on glossy pages!
Look for my feature (pages 18-19) among the pages of jaw dropping inspiration!

 Below, I added some sweetly images caught in the late afternoon light...from around my home....a few from Christmas trims I was just too sappy over to pack away.

Happy 2012 to all! 
Jennifer Lanne

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Sweet Life Farm said...

Oh, smart and pretty you…such inspiring images and a magazine feature too? Looks like your new year is off to a lovely start! Wishing you an enchanting 2012 filled with much cause for smiles and laughter!