Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More is More

Stephanie Llyod's  antiques in Hudson, New York..with a truly grand ol' flag!

I love color, but I seem to wear a lot of black.
I love little spaces, but love oversized furniture.
 I am yes and I am no.
I'm a walking talking contradiction and I am a gemini.
Yes, all true...I do love my petite bright, happy paintings, brimming florals in lush arrays...but will never, ever say "no" to doing a larger-than-life painting  as dark and dingy as you please.
So when Stephanie Lloyd asked me for some stately,sizable pieces for her antiques booth in Hudson, New York I couldn't stretch canvas quick enough!The largest being 66x66".
(Think as this the healthy way to "supersize me" Morgan Spurlock)
This is my exclusive bespoken series dubbed  
" The Country Life".
Maybe it's the notion that I could actually fit in some of these dwarfed by their scale.  Maybe being a short person it's a Napoleonic complex or a Kristin Chenoweth kinda thing.
I don't know...but yeah, Morgan...I'm lovin' it!

"All Roads Lead To Wool" 30x48"
"Gazing on Greener Pastures" 30x48"
"Comforts of Home" 36x36"

"Hayfever" 66x66"
Jennifer Lanne

For more information: The Hudson Supermarket- Hudson ,New York


Sweet Life Farm said...

LOVE them all, the theme, the mood! Smart on Stephanie to ask for these…sure to be crowd pleasers!

SuzyMcQ said...

Power to the Petite Ladies! The new pieces are nothing short of spectacular. The sheep on wing chair is priceless! Great, great job!

Anonymous said...

I saw these last Friday on a trip to Hudson, they are drop dead "GORGEOUS". The colors are so vibrant, yet warm and inviting. FABULOUS Jennifer, I love them. Stephanie is right, BIG IS BETTER.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Jennifer, you really outdid yourself! The paintings are beautiful - art museum beautiful! Congrats on being commissioned!!


Stephanie Lloyd said...

Yes, big IS better and that's why I love you! Your talent is as big as it
gets. I have billed you as the greatest living artist and it is the
absolute truth.