Saturday, May 14, 2011

a dandy day

Who would have thunk that something so snow-like in appearnce would be a welcome sight??!

I'd like to think this is a little eye candy reward for enduring Winter's wrath.

Even Bud-Bud (kitty) can't believe the carpet of apple blossom petals.

The good news is that it is gor-geous and an intoxicating aroma.

The bad news is that it means a riot of crabapples to pick up come August.

My back aches at the thought.

For now I will enjoy the sight from my hammock.


penny patten said...

beautiful pictures!

Stacy said...

Your farm looks magnificent! Spring’s splendor is beyond words…. Happy to say “So long Mr. Winter” and doing so done up in her finery! Enjoy every sweet scent and second of it (as it appears Bud-Bud is).

Anonymous said...

My crabapples are not showing any signs of life yet. No matter wht they do survive. I had not thought about picking them all up until you mentioned it. Thanks (not) for reminding me.